Dorothel, the Kingdom of the Nymph Woods

Halflings doing halfling things. Rolling fields, quiet gentle rivers, lots of food, infrequent wearing or use of shoes. There aren’t so much noble families as a few bloodlines that everyone can trace their roots back to. Most everything in the governmental sense is handled at the local level.

If you’re not a halfling you’d do well to watch your step when in Dorothel, they don’t bother building bridges or doors any higher than they need to be for the natives to get under them. On occasion this may lead to extended travel times when non-halflings may need to find alternate paths around some mountain tunnels that may otherwise cause severe claustrophobia and that some pack animals may not fit through.

While in various states of repair the farther you get from the capital city of Llaney, Dorothel is one of the few kingdoms to put much effort into the maintenance of the primary trade routes and roads through the kingdom. There’s a relatively large system of roads paved with cobblestones or bricks within the kingdom.

Heraldic device: Murrey, bordure or, flower rose or.


Dorothel, the Kingdom of the Nymph Woods

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