A smattering of events from the history of the world. Dates are years of the Unification Era. (The current year is 214 UE.)

54 UE – The Great Tobacco Blight

In 549 UE all the tobacco farms of the northern plains died in a single summer. Left destitute (and without money for food, hence, starving) by the failure of the crops the people of the plains were easy targets for Orcs who tore through the area on a massive pillage-fest. Regardless of the farming techniques that have been attempted, tobacco has never grown in the area since.

59 UE – The Day That Wasn’t

On midsummer’s day in 592UE the sun never rose and both moons were new. Many people feared it was the return of the Drow come to finish the war they had begun with the Thirty Days of Darkness and there was a great deal of rioting and looting in the cities. The next morning the sun rose as usual.


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