Kingdom of Thellerg

The primary human government/civilization/organization. The Kingdom of Thellerg rules most everything along the western coastline. Thells are “average” prone to dark hair, middle-Caucasian skin tones and medium heights, but they also tend to have the widest variation of human populations. Many regional traits are common.

Gold pieces minted by the Kingdom of Thellerg are called Pharaz. They have a crown on one side. In theory they’re supposed to have a seal from one of the three capitals on the reverse side (representing the unification of the Thells, Arad and Adhils). In practice nobody you know has ever seen one that didn’t bear the lion of the royal family in Haham.

The kingdom at large is composed of what used to be five separate smaller human kingdoms:

  • The Thells (in the region around Haham)
  • The men of the Plains (centered in the Crossroads)
  • The Southern Reaches (based in Stanitoft)
  • The Principality of Helladhil (the islands on the west side of The Great Bay)
  • The Principality of Arad (on the northern coast)

When the Thells (as led by House Videson) began their campaign to bring all the human kingdoms under their command the men of the Plains and the Southern Reaches bent the knee. The Adhil and Arad people attempted to maintain their independence but eventually fell to the Thells and came under their control.

Heraldic device: Parted per cross gules and azure, quarter argent, cross sable, chief dexter crown sable, chief sinister lion passant, guardant or, langued argent, base sinister seahorse or, base dexter hammer or.


Kingdom of Thellerg

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