List of cities and villages



  • Haham, the City of Towers – Capital city of Thellerg. The primary center of human government/civilization and overall organization.
  • Porthea – Capital city of the Principality of Helladhil.
  • Gawic – Capital city of the Principality of Arad. Gawic spends much of the year blanketed in snow and is dominated by longhouses and the knotted dragon motif that is common in Arad.
  • Dolonde – Capital city of the Republic of Adrindest (wood elf city). It’s a city built in giant trees, ewok village with magic and pointy ears. There’s some good inspiration here to get an idea of what the city is like.
  • Kuldair, City of Walls – Capital city of the Holy Dominion of Egiolin (high elf city). The city is made up of several concentric circular walls with increasingly strict social, caste and racial restrictions surrounding who is allowed to enter each portion of the city.
  • Thombarest, City of Hammers – Capital city of Mithlome (dwarf city). Carved high into the mountains. Known for forges, metalwork, stonework, blah blah. What else did you expect?
  • Llaney – Capital city of Dorothel (halfling city). Think of Hobbiton. You’ve pretty much got it down.
  • The Crossroads – A trading town at the center of a number of trade routes that lead to most of the various kingdoms and nations, this is where almost everyone comes to trade.


  • Clefalls – A human settlement north of the Crossroads. One of the larger farming communities, but not a particularly influential town. Overseen by one of the lesser noble houses (House Silverhart, bannermen to House Unwoth of the Crossroads). Clefalls sits above the large falls that drop off on the (x) river as it flows down from the mountains towards Haham.
  • Stanitoft – “The end of the world.” A community on the south side of the great bay based primarily around fishing. The docks are at the base of the huge cliffs that the rest of the town sits atop of. House Domke oversees the city and the surrounding areas. Inspiration
  • Kulerato – A wood elf community known for the cultivation of the hallucinogenic Earlcot fungus.
  • Heyfalls – The “Gateway to Thombarest” (according to the travel guides). In the foothills of the eastern mountain range sits this village, a community of mostly hill dwarves and rock gnomes. The gnomes of Heyfalls (which sits at the top of a particularly large waterfall, see Victoria Falls for a decent comparison) operate a tall lock to help move barges between the river of the plains and the mountains. Overseen by House Vitas of the Realm of Mithlome.
  • Zirazir – An elven farming town in the southern portion of the Holy Dominion.

Other places and locations

  • The Icewall Mountains – The northwest mountain range that separates the Principality of Arad from the Grey Wastes.
  • The Island of Tagena – The “Big Island” of Helladhil, where Porthea is located.
  • The Sea of Dreams – The ocean to the west of Helladhil
  • The Tamba Jungle – A dense tropical rainforest-style jungle in the southwest portion of the island of Tagena.
  • The Llandre Forest – Forest to the northeast of Llaney along the eastern mountains up to the beginning of the Grey Wastes.
  • The Island of Wights – An island to the northwest of Gawic. Criminals are dropped off there without supplies and left to survive on their own. Rumors abound of cannibalism, warlord-oriented “Mad Max” style society and general sudden and brutal death at the hands of whatever may find you first if you set foot there.
  • The Bilgila Crags – The name of the crags which form the primary path between Heyfalls and Thombarest. They have served as an excellent defensive measure several times during the bloody history between the High Elves and the Mountain Dwarves.

List of cities and villages

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