Republic of Adrindest

The Republic of Adrindest maintains some historical noble houses, and while they’re paid some notice they don’t hold the actual power. Representatives of different territories and villages are sent to the capital in Dolonde for 20 year terms to help with decision-making for the issues at the national level. Even then most decision-making is done at the local level.

In some cases local laws may vary from the national level opinions. For example while in general the wood elf society frowns on the hallucinogenic spores of the Earlcot fungus, in the southern village of Kulerato and the surrounding areas it is cultivated and harvested openly. (The only other industries of note in the area being the production of fried snacks and cushy furniture, neither of which makes it to other villages with any real frequency.)

There are some wood gnome communities that are within the Republic of Adrindest as well. There’s no political or social tensions or anything, they’re just citizens, but based on lifespans even areas with gnomish populations are usually represented in the capital by elven politicians.

Heraldic device: Parted per pale or and vert, chief sinister tree fructed eradicated proper, fructed gules leaved vert, base sinister tree fructed eradicated proper, fructed gules leaved vert, dexter fleur de lys or.


Republic of Adrindest

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