S01 Meta Lulz

So, you were hired by a middle-aged archaeologist in a light-colored outfit (Berellenoq => Rene Belloq) and his black-clad military cohort (Laden North Torts => Arnold Ernst Toht).


You went to the where their “archaeological” project was supposed to be, and were confronted by a dwarf with a short black beard wearing a white tabard and a fez (Hasall => Sallah).


Then when you made it into the crypt were attacked by a halfling in a blue and white striped headwrap (Rothors Dun => Short Round)…


…before fighting an aging wizard in a white robe who seemed to be out of his element (Roads Crumby => Marcus Brody).


But in the end you got the idol you were after.


Until you got ambushed by an adventurer in a leather jerkin and a wide-brimmed hat carrying a whip (Jean Daninois => Indiana Jones), and his father the grey-bearded wizard with an accent.


S01 Meta Lulz

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