The thirty days of darkness

According to legend during the early days of the elves (before the rise of mankind) in the northern plains valley there was a magnificent silver spire, crafted by the gods themselves. The Drow, jealous of their surface dwelling siblings, saw the spire as a symbol of the gods that was created to mock them. The Drow came forth from their hidden cities and used dark magic to destroy the silver spire, draining it of its magic to help them create a great army. They used this magic to create their bespoke slave race the Orcs to fight for them. They bound their dark magics to the spire and it turned black, and a night with no dawn fell across all the land.

For thirty days darkness reigned as the Drow and their army made their way towards the home of the high elves to the south, destroying anything in their wake. When the armies finally fought on the plains north of the high elven lands the Dwarves are said to have watched from the mountains but not become involved. The mage-queen Egiolin, through the sacrifice of her own life, was able to return light to the world and force the Drow back to the underdark.

The remains of the spire stand as the pillar of night, and the plains around it are toxic to most forms of life. Only the incredibly brave (or inconceivably stupid) travel to the area.

The Dwarves refer to the plains where the final battles took place as the Edhelgoroth and none of them will pass through the area to this day.

The thirty days of darkness

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