Abs & Axes

S01E03 - Epilogue: Siolas's story

So, how'd you get that black eye?

While standing at the back of the party contemplating the sudden demise of Major Torts, Siolas heard a sound coming from the empty library the party had just cleared. Nocking an arrow he turned and walked up the hallway a bit to investigate.

As he entered the room he looked around and didn’t notice anything out of place from how it had been when they had left it a moment ago, but he caught a glimpse of movement from the corner of his eye. It looked like his own shadow had changed direction was losing it’s humanoid shape oozing towards the single torch in the room. He drew his arrow back and released it towards the shadow as the torch (mounted in a sconce on a stone wall) suddenly sputtered out and everything went black.

He was greeted with the sound of an arrow striking wood and muffled voices. His eyes adjusted to see in the dimly lit store room full of what seemed to be wine casks just as the door opposite him (his arrow lodged in it firmly) opened from the other side with a roar of “What the hell are you doing in there?”

Dragged out into the light he found himself in a basement (the basement of the Sword and Board inn in the Crossroads, in fact). Surrounded by shirtless sweaty men, two of them flailing about on the floor pummeling one another. He was greeted by a huge Arad man with a bunch of missing teeth in his wide grin. “Good, fresh meat. First off, newbie, no bows. I mean really, what are you thinking. I’m not sure how you found us and it doesn’t really matter, just know we have a few rules. The first two, well, we’ll deal with those later. They’re easy to remember. The third rule is: if this is your first time, you have to fight…And I loves me some wood elves.”



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